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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
Joy (A Topical Study) Drew Fenstermacher 2011-12-17 No Series
Crowd vs. Disciple Relationship to Christ (Mark 3:7-35) Drew Fenstermacher 2011-12-10 No Series
A Hard Heart that Destroys (Mark 2:23-3:5) Drew Fenstermacher 2011-12-03 No Series
God is Wanting and Searching Our Hearts (Mark 2:1-3:6) Drew Fenstermacher 2011-11-26 No Series
Encountering Christ (Mark 2:1-12) Drew Fenstermacher 2011-11-19 No Series
Christ's Cleansing Power (Mark 1:39-45) Drew Fenstermacher 2011-11-12 No Series
Jesus the King (Mark 1:21-38) Drew Fenstermacher 2011-10-22 No Series
The Great King Is Revealed Drew Fenstermacher 2011-10-15 No Series
The Prepared, Purified Way Drew Fenstermacher 2011-10-08 No Series
Reality John Shepard 2011-10-01 No Series
Four Certainties We Have In Jesus Drew Fenstermacher 2011-09-24 No Series
Spiritually Alive People Pray Drew Fenstermacher 2011-09-17 No Series
Live Confidently Based on Christ -- I John 5:6-13 Drew Fenstermacher 2011-09-10 No Series
God's Witness Concerning His Son -- I John 5:6-12 Drew Fenstermacher 2011-09-03 No Series
I John 5:1-5 Drew Fenstermacher 2011-08-27 No Series
Love Your Brother and Sister in Christ Drew Fenstermacher 2011-08-20 No Series
Worship Cliff Bourne 2011-08-13 No Series
Three Truths About Loving One Another -- 1 John 4:12-18 Drew Fenstermacher 2011-07-30 No Series
Three Reasons Why I Should Love My Brothers -- 1 John 4:7-11 Drew Fenstermacher 2011-07-23 No Series
Test The Teachings of Men -- 1 John 4:1-6 Drew Fenstermacher 2011-07-16 No Series