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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
God’s Love for Us (various) Drew Fenstermacher 2015-12-26 No Series
God’s Gift to Us and Our Gift to God (John 3:16) Drew Fenstermacher 2015-12-19 No Series
Believing Jesus on His Terms (John 6:41-70) Drew Fenstermacher 2015-12-12 No Series
Seeing but not Seeing (John 6:1-40) Drew Fenstermacher 2015-12-05 No Series
Three Testimonies of Jesus (John 5:36-41) Drew Fenstermacher 2015-11-28 No Series
Do You Wish to Get Well? (John 5:1-24) Drew Fenstermacher 2015-11-21 No Series
What is the Basis of my Faith? (John 4:43-54) Drew Fenstermacher 2015-11-14 No Series
Leading People to the Savior (John 4:1-42) Drew Fenstermacher 2015-11-07 No Series
He Must Increase (John 3:22-25) Drew Fenstermacher 2015-10-31 No Series
God Loves Life (John 3:1-21) Drew Fenstermacher 2015-10-24 No Series
Jesus Transforms and Cleanses (John 2:1-25) Drew Fenstermacher 2015-10-17 No Series
Trusting God (Exodus 14) Hunter Konkle 2015-10-10 No Series
The Thought Process of a Servant of Christ (Romans 12:1-5) David Ervine 2015-09-26 No Series
Jesus Calls Us To Follow Him (John 1:35-51) Drew Fenstermacher 2015-09-19 No Series
To See And Yet To Not See (John 1:19-34) Drew Fenstermacher 2015-09-12 No Series
Jesus Is The Word (John 1:1-18) Drew Fenstermacher 2015-09-05 No Series
Jesus Is The Key (John 14:6) Drew Fenstermacher 2015-08-29 No Series
Be What you Are (Matthew 5:1-16) Cliff Bourne 2015-08-22 No Series
Faith Has Choices (Hebrews 11:23-26) Drew Fenstermacher 2015-08-15 No Series
Walking by Faith in the Light of God’s Plan (Hebrews 11:20-22) Drew Fenstermacher 2015-08-08 No Series