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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
God’s Way = God’s Word (Psalm 119:25-32) Drew Fenstermacher 2016-05-07 No Series
Having a Passion to Know and Do God’s Word (Psalm 119:17-24) Drew Fenstermacher 2016-04-30 No Series
Rejoicing in the Richness of God’s Word (Psalm 119:9-16) Drew Fenstermacher 2016-04-23 No Series
Desiring to do God’s Word (Psalm 119:5-6) Drew Fenstermacher 2016-04-16 No Series
Jesus – The Light of the World (John 12:20-50) Drew Fenstermacher 2016-04-09 No Series
Togo Medical Missions Presentation (Luke 8:40-45) Russ Ebersole 2016-04-02 No Series
Togo Medical Missions Presentation- Audio from Video Presentation Russ Ebersole 2016-04-02 No Series
The Importance of the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ (Various) Drew Fenstermacher 2016-03-26 No Series
What is my Response to Jesus? (John 11:47-12:36) Drew Fenstermacher 2016-03-19 No Series
Raising Lazarus (John 11:1-46) Drew Fenstermacher 2016-03-12 No Series
The Identity of Jesus and what He Does (John 10:19-42) Drew Fenstermacher 2016-03-05 No Series
The Work of the Church (Matthew 28:16-20) Cliff Bourne 2016-02-27 No Series
Jesus – The Good Shepherd (John 10:1-18) Drew Fenstermacher 2016-02-13 No Series
Once Blind, Now I See (John 9) Drew Fenstermacher 2016-02-06 No Series
Start Well, Finish Well (John 8:31-59) Drew Fenstermacher 2016-01-30 No Series
Following Jesus - The Light of the World (John 8:12-30) Drew Fenstermacher 2016-01-23 No Series
Jesus is the Light and Sheds Light on the Sanctity of Life (John 7:40-8:12) Drew Fenstermacher 2016-01-16 No Series
Jesus is the Living Water(John 7:1-39) Drew Fenstermacher 2016-01-09 No Series
Take Courage and Work (Haggai) Cliff Bourne 2016-01-02 No Series
God’s Love for Us (various) Drew Fenstermacher 2015-12-26 No Series